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 Nexo Phoenix in Expomin Santiago de Chile 2006

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Connecting the Future

For years, the PHOENIX name is recognized for high quality hydraulic and industrial hose. Innovative rubber technology achieved through years of research and development ensure quality that is trusted for decades.

This proud tradition is further enhanced with the NEXO PHOENIX range, your connection to the future.

In Hydraulics, we now offer an enhanced range of products to include very high pressure spiral hose. There is also wider choice of sizes to ensure flexibility in design as we increase our sizes to over 50mm.

Our history in rubber technology ensures a wide range of industrial hose to meet every requirement. The proud tradition of PHOENIX hydraulic hose is also met by our range of industrial hose now recognized for high quality and reliability.

It�s time for a change, switch over to NEXO PHOENIX.

Our offices and distributors worldwide are ready to serve you needs.

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Nexo Phoenix 2006.
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